The Mosque NFT


About our contribution to charity
One of the important precepts of Islam is charity, and the allocation of a portion of one's income to those in need. Consequently, charity is actively encouraged in Arab countries, promoting religious culture and education. The creators of the project approached this from the innovative side. Cooperation with Mila 4 Africa. The MosqueNFT is a project founded cooperatively with the Mila 4 Africa Foundation. To date, the official charity has provided care for more than 400 children and adults in Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, and Senegal (West Africa) who were considered second-class citizens. Most of these children are orphans or come from dysfunctional families who have experienced much violence and deprivation in their lives, or are albinos with a high risk of developing malignant melanoma. As part of our commitment, 10% of our sales are donated to this foundation.
Our cooperatively build center. Together with Mila 4 Africa we want to build a center for albionos.
Albinos are currently one of the most oppressed people; not only are they killed and used in rituals by sorcerers, but they also cannot be under the sun without certain medicines. This is why we decided to help these people first and foremost. At the center, we will also build a football field, where albino children can train with the best coaches on the continent, thus giving them the opportunity to become football players. We will build 20 wells, bearing the logo of our NFT project, in Africa, where they are needed. Then, we will direct our help towards the most needy people. All our charitable activities will be released on our YouTube channel in collaboration with one of the most popular bloggers on the planet. We will introduce you to those people for whom we are working so hard.