The Mosque NFT


The team developing the collection
The idea of the project was to use the combination of blockchain and art in the form of an NFT that would represent not only the value of the sacred architectural constructions and their depiction into art, but also the value of uniting as people to help those of us were not as fortunate. The purpose of highlighting oppressions some ethnic groups face was to bring people together in the war against our mutual enemy: indifference.
Taking a popular topic in the form of an NFT collection as an idea, the creators decided to globally highlight current problems in relation to the world community and raise funds to help those in need, half of which will go to charity and the mosque construction.
The team expresses its sincere gratitude to everyone who took part in this charitable project and supported the mission.
The Prophet Muhammad said: "Forgive the blunders and mistakes of a lavish person! Truly, the Lord takes him by the hand whenever he stumbles."
Collection Founder
Abdurahman abu Hamza
We launched a charity project to draw people's attention to the critical problems in our world associated with the wars in the Middle East. These problems concern me directly, because I am a Muslim and this is a great tragedy for me. By creating this project I want to contribute to trying to help people who are suffering from the horrific war.
Team NFT workin
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