The Mosque NFT

Project goals

Goals of The Mosque NFT project
The primary objective of this project is to raise enough funds for charity and construct a mosque. Also, the main objectives of the project are to highlight the injustices against people due to their religion, to dispel stereotypes, and to highlight the current problems that exist in relation to the world community. That's why we want to build a center for albiono people together with Mila 4 Africa. In this center albinos can get the necessary conditions for living, including medicines.
The project also aims to demonstrate the potential of cryptocurrencies to improve the lives of those in the Islamic community. It seeks to demonstrate the potential of cryptocurrencies to provide a more secure and efficient way of making payments and transfers, as well as the potential for them to be used as a form of investment. Additionally, the project seeks to raise awareness of the advantages and benefits of cryptocurrencies among the Islamic community, and to promote their adoption.