The Mosque NFT

Project roadmap

Updated Roadmap of The Mosque NFT

Stage 1

Initially, our team will hold a sale of 1,200 NFTs depicting iconic mosques from around the world. However, 12 random NFT cards will have an image of a watch in the corner of the card. This means that the user who has minted this card can get a unique watch from our partner Jacob & Co.
We will also set aside two months for trading NFT cards so that everyone can exchange, buy, or sell their assets.

Stage 2

At this stage, users who own the rarest NFT card with a picture of a watch on it can get their prize in the form of a unique Jacob & Co watch. The watches will be made of platinum, crocodile leather and tourbillon. It will also feature one of the mosques from our card collection.

Stage 3

In the second quarter of 2023, our team will also launch a charity project called “Second Life”. This will help us strengthen our efforts to help those in need.

Stage 4

This phase includes a boarding school for children of war victims. The location of this boarding school will be chosen directly by NFT cardholders through voting and discussion on social media. Cardholders will also have the opportunity to visit children living in this school at any time. By purchasing cards, users will contribute their share to the construction and provision of this project.

Stage 5

An airdrop of our own stablecoin for users who own the Mosque NFT and/or Second Life NFT

Stage 6

At this stage, our coin will be released on several top crypto exchanges.
After each round the user who has minted the most NFT Mosques will receive a branded watch from our exclusive partner “Jacob & Co”.